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    NTN (China) Investment Corporation NTN China Limited NTN-DONGPAI (Shanghai) Bearing Sales Corporation NTN Distributors in China
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    NTN Corporation was founded in March 1918, which was principally engaged in research, development and manufacture of bearing in the early stage. With evolution, most of NTN's effort has been changed into the manufacture and sales of bearings, Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ) and precision machinery since the Joint-stock reform in 1934. NTN is expanding business scales by supporting all kinds of machinery products which take bearing as the centre and are indispensable for industrial development during the last 90 years.
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    2019-04-08 Look for Formal NTN Product Channels, Beware of Imitations

    2019-01-29 Alibaba and NTN reach a cooperation intention on intellectual property protection


    We hereby clarify that neither Chongqing NTN precision bearing Co., Ltd nor Chongqing NTN trading Co., Ltd
    is an affiliate, subsidiary or licensed agent of NTN Group.

    2018-03-30 NTN Wins Fight against Fake Website

    2018-01-11 "Development of Third-generation Hub Bearings of Energy-saving Cars" Passes Project Acceptance

    2017-06-02 Strengthening Measures Against Counterfeit Bearings for Customer Safety and Assurance

    2016-10-28 NTN China Technical Center is recognized as the Shanghai Enterprise Technical Center.

    2016-04-28 NTN Attends Ningbo 揝eminar on Distinguishing the Genuine from the Fake?/a>

    2016-04-25 NTN Exhibits at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 揂uto China 2016?/a>

    2016-04-11 NTN Participation in China CNC Machine Tool Fair "CCMT 2016"

    2015-11-17 NTN Exhibits at the Beijing International Urban Rail Transit Construction, Operation and Equipment Exhibition "METRO CHINA 2015"

    2015-10-10 NTN Exhibits at the Beijing International Wind Power Exhibition 揅hina Wind Power 2015?

    2015-04-17 NTN Exhibits at "AUTO SHANGHAI 2015"

    2015-04-17 NTN Exhibits at the 14TH China International Machine Tool Show "CIMT 2015"

    2014-11-25 A delegation from China Bearing Industry Association visits NTN (China) Investment Corporation

    2014-11-25 NTN Exhibits at China's Largest International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery "bauma China 2014"

    2014-11-14 NTN China Technology Center was approved as the district-level technology center

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